The Different Classes – Part II

The Different Classes – Part II
The second edition of the project “Classes which empower us” was realized between 01.10.2016 and 30.06.2017

More than 1700 students from 6 schools took part in classes and initiatives, connected with basic human virtues.

Its main aim was to create sustainable conditions for developing character traits of children and youths from 1st to 11th grade in primary and secondary schools. The projects of 6 existing Virtues clubs were chosen with a competition among schools in Sofia, Slivnitsa, Kostinbrod, Samokov and Gabrovo. Every class started the year developing ground rules. 

The students spoke about virtues in the homeroom classes and in extracurricular activities. Love, co-operation, work in a team, apology, respect, determination, patience and joy were only a few of the topics, introduced in a series of games, discussions and charity initiatives.

The teachers made virtues part of their classes in History, Literature, Philosophy, World and Personality, Physical Culture, Music and others.