Young Benefactor and the winners are

Young Benefactor and the 
winners are
Social causes become reality thanks to high school students

The second ceremony of the Young Benefactor Awards took place on Volunteer’s Day – 5th of December. This year’s winners are from the town of Ruse and Veliki Preslav. The juryKrassimira VelichkovaBulgarian DonorsForums Director, Nadia ObretenovaBulgarian National Television and Xavier MarsenacTelus International Europe had the challenging task to choose among all meaningful students’ projects coming from all over the country.

Soon robots will become an important part of our lives, and it is of utmost importance for all kids to understand and have access to new technology. Robots can contribute to that when they are adequately incorporated in the learning process. – That is what Maria, Tsveti and their club mates share about the inspiration for their project. They won first prize and their project will be funded with 2000 leva (1000 euro). During the school year they will build and program for the purpose of teaching students with special educational needs. It can be really challenging for them to learn colors, words, numbers, etc., so the robot is supposed to ease that process.

The second prize went to the non less worthy idea of a group of students from the Professional technical high school Simeon Veliki in the town of Veliki Preslav. Their project will be financed with 1000 leva (500 euro) by Telus International Europe. The school students look for a solution to a problem that concerns us all – the growing anger and violence, particularly in the school environment. They plan to renovate a room in their school and make it a “no aggression room” where students and teachers can “lock” their anger. Special equipment will be placed for the release of negative energy, while listening to relaxing music. The project’ team was represented by Liubomir Liubomirov, Chair of the Students Council.