Annual Report of the Blagotvoritel Foundation:



Blagotvoritel Foundation sees the reason for its existence in the dissemination of good will in society. Bearing that in mind, we aim at activating the creative potential of the people we support, thus recognizing universal human values.


“Blagotvoritel” Foundation was set up with the aim of carrying out activities for public benefit. It is registered in the Company Dept. of Sofia City Court on 02.07.2004, No. 6521/2004. The Foundation is entered into the Central Register of non-profit legal entities under No. 20050623004; its aim is carrying out activities for public benefit. The official representative of the Foundation is Iva Petkova, Chair of the Managing Board.


The aims of the Foundation are: to help people in unfavourable circumstances by offering them material and spiritual support; helping specific activities and programmes of social, health and religious institutions directed at people in disadvantaged social circumstances, particularly children deprived of parental care, elderly, disabled and mentally handicapped persons; supporting the education of children and young people, including awarding scholarships or one-off aid for training and education; promoting a climate of better understanding and mutual assistance among people in society.



Stoyko Petkov Manager of Enco Vending Ltd and Managing Director of Uniconsulting JSC


Managing Board:

Iva PetkovaChair of the Managing Board, Sales Manager at S&B Industrial Minerals SA

Kamelia TonevaSales Director of Enco Vending Ltd

Julian PekunovLawyer, trade and real estate law


Penka LazarovaCoordinator

Albena NikolovaAccountant

Ivan TachevSystem Administrator


Volunteers: Yordan Gavazov, Hristina Kuncheva


The main projects on which the Foundation focused over the year were related to supporting children deprived of parental care living in Sofia and the rest of the country. These were long-term projects united by the idea of activating the creative potential of the participating children so that they experience successful integration into society.


Long-term projects:


Social and Vocational Adaptation

Aim: To support young people, raised at institutions for children deprived of parental care in Sofia, who are coming of age, successfully pass the transition period between living in an institution and independent life, by providing them with additional vocational qualifications and support them find suitable jobs.

Start date: February 2005

Scope: young people from the P.R Slaveykov, Hristo Botev, and Assen Zlatarov homes and SOS Children’s Villages Sofia, as well as young people from socially disadvantaged background.

Results: Fourteen young people from the P.R Slaveykov, Hristo Botev, and Assen Zlatarov homes and SOS Children’s Villages Sofia took part in various vocational training courses such as: driving (4), cookery (7), hairdressing (1), hospitality (1), manicure (1). The young people were supported in their search of jobs by referring them to agencies, employers, friends and contacts.

Over the period of 3 years the project has provided vocational training opportunities for 53 young people from the Sofia homes and young people from socially disadvantaged families; some of these young people have been supported in finding jobs.

Further developments: The project continues including new beneficiaries from the four social institutions based in Sofia.




Creating My Own Life

Aim: To support young people, raised without parental care, achieve quality social adaptation during their transition from life in an institution to independent life by providing adequate psychological training.

Specific objectives:

      providing opportunities for young people to become aware of, analyze and break up with existing prejudices related to their own personalities;

      development of coping skills and acquisition of new behavioral models;

      creating prerequisites for proactive behavior during self-realization.

Target group: young people of varied social and ethnic background, aged 16 – 18, from the P.R Slaveykov, Hristo Botev, and Assen Zlatarov homes in Sofia.

Start date: April 2007

Results: Fifteen young people form the above homes challenged their stereotypes of self-perception, learned new models of behavior, heightened their self-esteem, by making decisions and successfully achieving them.

Further development: The project is applicable at other children’s homes in the country.


I Need a Job




Aim: To support children growing up without parental care achieve quality vocational adaptation through building skills of proactive behavior need on the labor market.

Specific objectives:

      raising awareness of the nature of various professions;

      raising the awareness of one’s own responsibility in planning for and choosing a  profession;

      building of skills for the preparation of a job application portfolio and skills for job interviews.

Scope: young people form the P.R Slaveykov, Hristo Botev, and Assen Zlatarov homes in Sofia, successful graduates of vocational training courses.

Start date: May 2007

Results: Fifteen young people acquired practical skills for: looking for a suitable job; preparing a CV and a letter of motivation; successful performance at job interviews.

Further developments: The project is applicable at other children’s homes in the country.

The expenses related to vocational education under the three projects amount to 6 980 leva.

On the Web

Aim: To give children growing up without parental care, aged 7 – 18, the opportunity to have access to IT and the Internet, to overcome social isolation and have better opportunities for success on personal and vocational levels.

Start date: May 2005

Scope: Sixteen internet clubs were set up at the following homes: P.R Slaveykov, Hristo Botev, and Assen Zlatarov in Sofia, St. Ivan Rilski in the village of Razliv, Konstantsa Lyapcheva in Dolna Banya, Ana Gizdova and Vassil Petleshkov in Bratisgovo, Ludogorie in Isperih, Lubcho Barumov in the village of Doganovo, Assen Zlatarov in Yakoruda, St. Nikolay Mirlikijski in Blagoevgrad, Tanju Voivoda in Assenovgrad, the home in Velingrad, Rada Kirkovich, Knyaginja Maria Luiza and Olga Skobeleva in Plovdiv. The following new homes joined the network of 13 clubs set up and maintained by the Foundation: Rada Kirkovich, Knyaginja Maria Luiza and Olga Skobeleva in Plovdiv and one of the houses of residence of SOS Children’s Villages in Bulgaria.

Results: Computer configurations and additional equipment, in accordance with the needs of all the homes, were delivered, the computers were linked to a network, internet connections were set up, regular maintenance was provided, children and educators were trained in the main computer applications. More than 1000 children living in institutions were given access to the internet. The site www.vmreja.com, including forum and сhat option, was launched, enabling children and their educators exchange useful current information.

Further developments: Expansion of the project with the setting up of new internet clubs at homes throughout the country is pending.

The project was approved by the Ministry of Education and Science and the State Agency for the Protection of Children.

The market value of the total expenditure for services and materials under the project amounts to 7855 leva.




“Higher Grades at School”

Aim: To encourage the efforts and aspirations towards knowledge of children growing up without parental care in the social homes in Sofia by the provision of monthly scholarships for achievement of  grades higher than 4.5 and 5.5 (the top grade at school being 6.00).

Start date: February 2005

Scope: pupils form grades 7 to 13, raised at the P.R Slaveykov and Hristo Botev homes and SOS Children’s Villages Bulgaria, Sofia.

Results: Twenty-eight scholarships were granted over the year: 12 for grades above 5.50 and 16 for grades above 4.5; participant children living in homes were motivated to achieve better at school.

Sixty-three scholarships have been granted since the beginning of the project – 27 for grades above 5.5 and 36 for grades above 4.5.

Further developments: expansion of the scope of the project by increasing the number of children receiving scholarships, as well as the number of participating institutions.

The total expenditure under the project for the current year amounts to 2930 leva.


Donations outside the projects

·                     The Foundation supported people going through hardship with one-off or monthly payments amounting to 1420 leva.

·                     More than 75 children form the Detelina home in Shumen were presented with books, toys, and sweets - 770 leva.

·                     The Foundation paid for 1 girl from the P.R. Slaveykov home in Sofia to take part in the school graduation party - 85 leva.

·                     Talented students from the Konstantin Preslavski University, raised at the Detelina home in Shumen, were provided with materials and books - 112 leva.

·                     Books and materials were donated to children with disabilities at the St. Mina National Social Rehabilitation Centre in Sofia - 72 leva.

·                     The amount of 1235 leva was donated through partnership with the American Chamber of Commerce to the following institutions: the Home for Elderly People in Darvenitsa – Sofia, the Future for the Children with Disabilities Foundation in Kazanlak, and the Stara Zagora Foundation for the recovery of forests damaged by fire.

·                     A Christmas drawing competition was held at the Assen Zlatarov home in Sofia. The winners received prizes - 115 leva.

·                     A competition entitled “My proposal for www.vmreja.com" was held. The winner received an MP4 player - 44 leva.

·                     Three hundred leva were donated to the children from the Lubcho Baramov home in Doganovo to take part in a summer camp.

·                     A young man from the P.R. Slaveykov home was supported with 150 leva for his travel to Belgium under a youth exchange program.

·                     A single mother, raised at the Hristo Botev home, was supported with 99 leva to buy disposable nappies for her child.

·                     Specialized books and materials were donated to the young people taking cookery courses - 70 leva.

·                     The Foundation paid for the tuition of two children at the French school in Sofia – 10622 leva.

The total amount spent in 2007 was 15094 leva.




At the end of the year the Foundation applied for funding under the Co-operating Netherlands Foundations Programme for Central and Eastern Europe for its Bridge to the World project. The project aims to provide support to young people who have reached maturity have a successful social and vocational transition from institutionalized to independent life through the setting up of a “protected home”. In relation to this the Foundation was entered into the Register of the Agency for Social Support as a provider of social services.



The activities of the Blagotvoritel Foundation are fully financed by its founder – Mr. Stoyko Petkov, Manager of Enco Vending Ltd and Managing Director of Uniconsulting JSC, as well as by other supporters - individual donors and companies such as Enco Vending Ltd, Amuteh Ltd., Hermes Intel, Lukoil Bulgaria JSC, Vitagrain BG, S&B Industrial Minerals SA, Ergotrak Ltd, the Bulgarian Association for Information Technologies.


The Blagotvoritel Foundation is an observer-member of the Bulgarian Donors’ Forum.