Annual Report of the Blagotvoritel Foundation:


Blagotvoritel Foundation sees the reason for its existence in the dissemination of good will in society. Bearing that in mind, we aim at activating the creative potential of the people we support, thus recognizing universal human values.


Blagotvoritel Foundation was set up with the aim of carrying out activities for public benefit. It is registered in the Company Dept. of Sofia City Court on 02.07.2004, No. 6521/2004. The Foundation is entered into the Central Register of non-profit legal entities, No. 20050623004; its aim is carrying out activities for public benefit. The official representative of the Foundation is Penka Lazarova, Chair of the Managing Board.


The aims of the Foundation are:


·          to implement effective and transparent link between people who are willing to donate and those needing support;

·          to help people in unfavourable circumstances by offering them material and spiritual support;

·          helping specific activities and programmes of social, health and religious institutions directed at people in disadvantaged social circumstances, particularly children deprived of parental care, elderly, disabled and mentally handicapped persons;

·          supporting the education of children and young people, including awarding scholarships or one-off aid for training and education;

·          promoting a climate of friendliness and mutual assistance among people in society.




Stoyko PetkovMajor shareholder and Managing Director of Enco Vending Ltd


Managing Board:

Penka Lazarova – Chair of Managing Board

Iva PetkovaMember of the Managing Board, Sales Manager at S&B Industrial Minerals SA

Julian PekunovMember of the Managing Board, Lawyer - trade and real estate law


Albena NikolovaAccountant

Anatoly RavedSystem Administrator


Volunteers: Antoniya Paskaleva, Hristina Kuncheva, Adriana Bancheva



1186 Sofia, Cherno More 4


"Blagotvoritel” is a member of the Bulgarian Donors' Forum and is among the top 50 organizations supported the Government initiative for self-government of the NGO sector in Bulgaria "Standards for good governance of NGOs”!

The Foundation is a member of the Bulgarian network for corporate social responsibility.

On the website of the Foundation was established the opportunity to the donors to perform quick and easy donations for causes choice via credit / debit cards.


In 2010 major projects that the Foundation performs are related to support deprived of parental care children in Sofia and in the country and are united by the main goal - to be activated the creative potential of these young people for successful integration into society.


Long-term projects funded internally through donations:


Social and Vocational Adaptation


Aim: To support young people, who are coming of age, raised in homes without parental care in Sofia and the country, to complete successfully transition from institutional to independent lifestyles through more professional qualifications, admissions and language training and assistance in finding a suitable jobs.


Start date: February 2005


Scope for 2010: young people from the “P. R. Slaveykov”, “Hristo Botev” homes and SOS Children’s Villages Sofia and Home “Konstanca Lyapcheva” in Dolna Banya.




Results: Admission training in chemistry of Vanya from SOS Children's Villages and geography Natalia from home "Hristo Botev" in Sofia achieved the desired results – Natalia is a student at the University of World and National Economy and Vanya at Chemical Technology University. Yanko from home "P. Slaveykov” / in 2009 to prepare a mathematics /was admitted to the College of Telecommunications and Post and Zornitsa the same home teaches biology at the University “St. Climent Ohridksi”.

• Natalia and Assen from home "Hristo Botev" in Sofia, who is a third year student in history at Sofia University “St. Climent Ohridksi”, successfully completed the second level course in English; Yanko from home "P. Slaveykov” ended with a very high score second and third level.




• Cvetan from home “P. Slaveykov” complete his individual English language training and began preparing for exams.

• Gergana, Lilly and Viara from home “Constanta Lyapcheva” in Dolna Banya graduated with honors from training in hairdressing, Michaela home from the “P. Slaveykov” in Sofia also completed a course in hairdressing and Diana – in manicure.

• Tanya from home “Constanta Lyapcheva” in Dolna Banya decided to continue her education and began training in admissions literature.


The total amount of money spent for the 13 course of the project is 3930 BGN.


Higher grades at school


Aim: To encourage the efforts and aspirations towards knowledge of children growing up without parental care in the social homes in Sofia, by the provision of monthly scholarships for achievement of grades above 5.00 and above 5.50.

Start date: February 2005


Scope for 2010: visually impaired students from 8 to 12 grade school "Louis Braille" growing up in homes "P. Slaveykov” and SOS Children's Villages Bulgaria in Sofia and freshmen students.



For the second semester of 2009/2010, 20 grantees of the Foundation Blagotvoritel received scholarships for excellent and very good grades at school. Young people have been successful competition for scholarships, which was in 3 phases - production of documents / for success, attendance at school and CV /; essay on a choice of three topics and interview live or over the phone.

With much inspiration youth shared their understanding of the world, for friendship, for themselves, the meaning of life on set themes: "That's me”, "Riches to have friends”, "What can I give to others".

For the first semester of academic year 2010/2011 the grantees of the Foundation Blagotvoritel 'are 12: from 8-th to 12-th class from home “P. Slaveykov” and SOS Children's Villages in Sofia. The competition was held in two stages: the production of documents - professional grade and absences, and CV; essay on a choice of themes - "Everyone has talent," The ability to appreciate "and" Joy to communicate” and interview. Excerpts from the essays are published on the site of the "On the Web " For excellent grades at school - scholarships are 20, for very good - 8. Grants were received also by four freshmen students.

The total amount paid out 32 scholarships is 6687.50 BGN.




On the Web

Aim: To give children growing up without parental care, aged 7-18, the opportunity to have access to IT and the Internet, to overcome social isolation and have better opportunities for success on personal and vocational levels.


Start date: May 2005


Scope: The number of internet clubs became 21 at the following at children’s homes: “P.R.Slaveykov”, “Hristo Botev“ ,and “Assen Zlatarev” and one community of SOS Children's Villages in Sofia, “St. Ivan Rilski” in village Razliv, “Constanca Lyapcheva” in Dolna Banya, “Anna Gizdova” and “Vasil Petleshkov” in Bratsigovo, "Ludogorie" in Isperih, “Ljubco Baramov” in Doganovo, “Assen Zlatarov” in Yakoruda, ”St. Nicholas Mirlikiyski” in Blagoevgrad, “Tanyu voyvoda” in Asenovgrad, Home in Velingrad, "Rada Kirkovich", “Kniaginiya Maria-Luisa” andOlga Skobeleva” in Plovdiv, "Bulgarka", "Maria Theresa"and "Theophano Popova” in Stara Zagora, Home for OrphanageSt. Nicholas” in Novi Han.


Results: according to the needs of every home are delivered computers and auxiliary equipment, the computers are networked, they are constructed Internet connections, provided regular maintenance, conduct training to children and teachers on a basic computer programs.


More than 1500 children growing up in institutions gained access to the internet and are now able communicate with each other using the forum and chat options of the website . The project received approval of the Ministry of Education and the State Agency for Child Protection.




The Managing Board of the Foundation decided in 2010 to reduce the number of supported Internet clubs in homes for children without parental care from 21 to 11, to make the most efficient service. Homes were selected, whose administration over the years proved its commitment to storage the clubs and give children access to them regulated.


In 2010, the Foundation has committed itself to Internet clubs in the following homes: “Olga Skobeleva" and "Maria Luisa" in Plovdiv, “Assen Zlatarov” in Yakoruda, “St. Nicholas Mirlikiyski” in Blagoevgrad, home in Velingrad, “Vasil Petleshkov” andAna Gizdova” in Bratsigovo, “St. Nicholas” in Novi Han, “Constantca Lyapcheva” in Dolna Banya, "Maria Theresia" in Stara Zagora and “Assen Zlatarov” in Sofia.


Huge success for the team of Blagotvoritel was the donation of Microsoft software products: Office 2007 Suites, Office 2010 Suites and Apps KMS, Office Professional Plus 2010 MAK, Windows XP Professional, Windows Vista - MAK, Windows Vista - KMS.

Thanks to the efforts of the team already has licensed software on the internet club at homes: “Olga Skobeleva” in Plovdiv, “Assen Zlatarov” in Yakoruda, “St. Nicholas Mirlikiyski” in Blagoevgrad, "Maria Theresa" in Stara Zagora and in Velingrad.

Continued installation of software donations from Microsoft in Internet clubs that are supported by the Foundation.


Strong support for the project "On the Web” was from U.S. organization "Round the World with Us", whose director Teresa Keller personally donated, purchased from Bulgaria DELL computer configurations with many good features, to  home "Maria Theresa" in Stara Zagora- 6, and to the  home in Velingrad - 5. The system administrator ofBlagotvoritel” install licensed software and the children in the two homes are now able to play, learn, connect with the world with great joy. This is the second significant support for the project "On the Web" in 2010 after a donation from Microsoft.

Project costs for 2010 for materials, software products and services at market prices totaled 21 447 BGN.


Donations outside projects:


• Diapers for babies who are kept in an orphanage “St. Nicholas” at the St. Trinity Church in the village of Novi Han.

• Team Foundation Blagotvoritel and Fellows of SOS Children's Villages and Home “P. Slaveykov” planted trees and ornamental shrubs in kindergarten "Detelina" in Sofia. Young people voluntary worked to make a greener and comfortable environment for kids.

• An orphan girl was supported round to her prom.

• Awarded the winners in the competitions, "What brings us joy," "Who is my favorite martenitsa "My gift to earth, "Why to help your friends, "Christmas Wonderland".

• Awarded with professional scissors are the girls who have completed hairdressing course in Dolna Banya

The total amount of donated funds is 799 BGN.




Projects with external funding:


Creating a center to support the labor realization


Aim: creating a new social enterprise to improve the quality of life of people at risk and to help them to overcome social exclusion.



Duration: implemented from November 2009 to January 2011.


Specific goals: creating a model of social enterprise, creating 4 protected work places for vulnerable groups, creating a center for supporting of persons from target group for transition to actual labor market.



Target group: 30 representatives of long-term unemployed from different ethnic groups, lone parents, mothers of many children, persons with disabilities on social assistance.



Activities are related to training the target group for provision services us "Family helper" for clients of social enterprise - training for proactive labor market, training for childcare and eldercare.



Funding: The project is funded by the Operational Programme "Human Resources Development" 2007-2013, Foundation Blagotvoritel is a partner of the leading organization “Step by Step”.




Project purpose: to promote moral and spiritual education of children through conscious practice of virtues in everyday life.

Specific goals:

• to enrich the methodological experience of kindergarten teachers to educate children in the universal virtues;

• encourage parents to transmit the virtues of their children and develop their abilities to achieve in your life the best of yourself;

• children to learn basic virtues that make use in their daily lives and communicate with the language of virtues.

Duration: The project is a pilot and is implemented within 9 months / 10/01/2010 - 06/30/2011 / in 2 kindergartens in Sofia and one in Novi Han.

Target group: are 20 teachers who are responsible for the upbringing and education of children during their stay in the kindergarten. The project will provide methodological support to teachers to find effective way to each child in order for it to show their best qualities unique.

Direct beneficiaries are 310 children from three kindergartens in age from 4 to 6 years and their parents.


Expected results:

Teachers to enrich their methodological expertise for the teaching of basic virtues and encourage children to use them in everyday life;

Children to learn universal virtues that make use in their daily lives and communicate with the language of virtues;

Parents to contribute to the active practice of virtues and aware of their crucial role for the personal development of their children.

Funding: Project "Virtue" is funded by the Swiss Foundation "OAK" and the total amount is 8 078 BGN.

The project "Creation of complex social services at Bratsigovo municipality”, financed by the PHARE program, the Foundation approved a final statement and the reimbursement of 40% of the total amounting to 157 000 BGN.

After finishing the project home “Anna Gizdova” in Bratsigovo, it is already set as a complex for social services. Municipality Bratsigovo provide services "Transitional housing” and “Day care center for children with mild disabilities”, which are financed from the state budget. Thus achieved goals, set out in the Project of the Foundation, already have sustainable development.




Blagotvoritel’s activities for 2010 are funded by the founder of the Foundation Stoyko Petkov - a major shareholder and managing director of Enco Vending Ltd and supporters - donors and private companies, which include: Enco Vending Ltd, Microsoft, "Famosso Coffee Catering” Ltd., Hermes Intel, Vitagrain BG AD, Uniconsulting AD, Zhano Ltd., Aye Works Ltd., Edimit Ltd., the American organization "Round the World with Us" and others.



Our experience shows that businesses and citizens in Bulgaria can be socially responsible when the causes are clearly formulated and when have effective mechanisms which are operating for their implementation and control.



Penka Lazarova, Chairman